Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ISS Show with the Industry's Leading LED Transfer Printers for Garments and T-shirts

During the ISS Long Beach Show Graphics One exhibited the complete range of GO and OKI LED Transfer Printers for garments and t-shirts. Starting with the GO UNO LED Professional Transfer Printer, the first 11x17 CMYK printer developed specifically for transfers. Additionally, the OKI pro920WT and OKI 711WT LED Transfer Printers for dark and black garments and t-shirts was exhibited. For added information please go to or for the OKI pro920WT please go to: OKI pro920WT.

Monday, January 28, 2013

GO Annnounces the New GO RIO 900X (Mutoh RJ-900X) Dye Sub Printer

One of the most successful printers we have launched in the history of Graphics One is about to be replaced with a new high speed GO RIO 900X printer. Based on Mutoh's RJ-900X, the new 44-inch printer offers blazing speed with the continued reliability found with the original GO RIO unit (of course the original unit was based on Mutoh's RJ-900). GO's pricing remains the same at $7,995 which includes the printer, take-up system, a starter set of GO NeoTack ink and GO's Bulk InkPack kit. For added information please go to: GO RIO 900X (Mutoh RJ-900X)

GO NeoTack--How Does Tack Work?

During the ISS show we had a number of possible users ask about how the patented tack works and what the implications are. The tack is comprised of an inert chemical that does not activate until the temperature reaches 140 C. At that point the tack activates and adheres to the fabric. This eliminates ghosting and issues associated with not using tack paper. 

Some have inquired as to whether the tack ink will completely replace tack dye sub paper and the answer is no. In some cases where the fabric density is limited, tack paper may be needed. In the case where tack paper is used with NeoTack ink, then the combined tack is the strongest tack available. At $125 per liter, GO NeoTack offers the best dye sublimation ink value in the market. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

GO FlagMaster Offers Best Value for Direct-to-Fabric Imaging

At $34,995 the GO FlagMaster offers capabilities of systems costing far more. The 64-inch FlagMaster is fully integrated system and was developed for imaging soft signage and other applications needing dense direct-to-fabric printing. As with all direct systems, the printer is able to image to a wide variety of coated polyester fabrics. Many of our customers are using the FlagMaster to image tear drop or feather flags for outdoor signage. The FlagMaster comes complete with the printer, RIP, fixation system, fume buster, fabric and ink. For added information please go to: GO FlagMaster 64. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sawgrass and Seiko EPSON Announcement--GO NeoTack Offers More Value

Sawgrass issued the following press release on January 18, 2013 regarding a licensing agreement between Seiko EPSON and Sawgrass. This press release was very interesting in that  Seiko EPSON made no comments in the release, but seemed to let their booth at ISS do the talking. 

Dye sublimation ink solutions provider Sawgrass Technologies, Inc., Charleston, S.C., and print technology company Seiko Epson Corporation of Japan announce that they have entered into a long term license agreement under which Epson, as an authorized Sawgrass licensee, will sell inks for sublimation imaging. The agreement is aimed at Epson printers and their patented piezo electric printheads to be used in the dye sublimation market.
Seiko Epson has extensively evaluated the Sawgrass global patent portfolio and signed a license agreement which allows them to legally enter the dye sublimation ink business with printers having a carriage width greater than 42 inches.
“We are very pleased to have a world class company like Seiko Epson enter into a license agreement,” says Nathan Hale, CEO of Sawgrass Technologies. “It is a validation of our hard work over the past 25 years and the innovation that is reflected in our growing intellectual property portfolio of more than 161 patents.”

During the ISS show there was much speculation about what this announcement really meant. From a Graphics One perspective the launch of our GO NeoTack patented ink offers capabilities that neither Sawgrass or EPSON offer, and our customers agree. Our NeoTack Dye Sub Ink offers tack with virtually unlimited colors, and at our standard GO value pricing. For added information about our NeoTack ink please click: GO NeoTack

Monday, January 21, 2013

Thanks for Great ISS Long Beach Show

Graphics One ended a very successful three day ISS Long Beach Show with dinner at our favorite "last night after-packing haunt, Rock Bottom Brewery." Shown from left to right is Kerby Bonilla, David Campos, Eddie Herrera, Eleni Barefoot, David Badaylan-Boof Captain, Miguel Turmero, Juan Carlos Clavijo and Christian Sam--a great team of people. 

During the show we showed our trio of industry leading LED transfer units the GO UNO LED Professional  t-shirt and garment transfer system, OKI pro920WT with white toner transfer system and OKI 711WT with white toner transfer system. In addition to our LED transfer systems, we launched our GO NeoTack Dye Sub ink, the first ink with tack and unlimited colors, our GO AquaMax dye sub printer, GO RIO Super Bundle, our GO Metalnox 8000AV PRO fully automatic industrial heat press and a variety of other ancillary products. 

The most important fact is if this show is any indication not only is the economy back, but our industry is going to have an outstanding year. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

GO Metalnox Calandra Calendar 3-in-1 Announced

Graphics One has launched the Metalnox Calandra calendar in the Americas. Offering the capability to image cut sheets, dye sublimation roll-to-roll and direct transfer substrates makes this one of the most versatile calendars available. In fact it is one of the only calendars offering 3-in-1 capabilities. This unit is the leading calendar used throughout the Americas for heavy duty imaging by apparel factories. The unit comes with installation and one year onsite warranty (please ask for the details). An overview is:

• 71" 3-in-1 Calendar Heat Transfer 
• Cut Sheet, Roll-to-Roll and Direct-to-Transfer Calendar Transfer
• Heavy Duty Industrial Unit with Cut-off Continuation in Case of Losing Power
• Uniform Heat Distribution Using Thermal Oil Cylinder
• Patented Dual Felt Protection System

For added information please click: GO Metalnox Calandra 1800AD

GO to Launch Metalnox 8000AV PRO at ISS in Long Beach

During the ISS Long Beach show in several days, Graphics One will launch a number of new products. One of the new products will be the GO Metalnox 8000AV PRO industrial heat press. Sporting dual fully automatic pneumatic 33.5-x43-inch shuttles, the 8000AV PRO is perfect addition to garment producer's factories. Additionally, the 8000AV PRO offers a patented vacuum system which eliminates the need for tacky paper on full presses. For added information please click: GO Metalnox 8000AV PRO.

GO Metalnox 12000AV Heat Press Launched

Graphics One has launched the GO Metalnox 12000AV Heat Press in the Americas. This fully automatic dual shuttle heat press offers a patented paper vacuum system for use with no tack paper, a full size of 39-inches by 58-inches and is the most industrial heat press in the market at this price point. For added information please click on: GO Metalnox 12000AV PRO

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Graphics One to Announce New Products at ISS Long Beach

During the upcoming ISS show, Graphics One will show some major new product lines. As one of the most important ISS shows, GO has chosen the ISS Long Beach show to unveil several significant product additions. GO will launch its new GO NeoTack Dye Sub Ink, GO MiniMax 16 Contour Cutter, GO Metalnox 8000AV PRO industrial dual heat press along with other items as well. Additionally GO is featuring a variety of bundle packages including the GO RIO Super Bundle featuring the 44-inch GO RIO. For added information on the new products and the special offerings please click: ISS Long Beach Show 2012 

Transfer Paper for OKI pro920WT and OKI 711WT--GO FlipIt 2.0

With the launch of the OKI pro920Wt and OKI 711WT, users are constantly asking which paper should be used to obtain the best performance from these printers. GO's FlipIt 2.0 has quickly become the standard for use with the pro920WT and 711WT. The reason for this is the outstanding whites and colors which are able to be transferred to dark and black garments and t-shirts. FlipIt 2.0 offers no cut, no weed capability, which means you do not have to worry about cutting the paper for transfer. FlipIt 2.0 is available in both 11"x17" and 8.5"x11" sizes. For added information please click here:GO FlipIt 2.0.

One important note:  Can you imagine paying as much for a precoater or pretreament device as you would pay for our printers? Unlike Direct-to-Garment (DTG) or Direct Digital (D2) printers, our process does not require any precoating or pretreatment.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Graphics One and OKI Data Americas Announce Expanded Line of Transfer Media for Use with pro920WT and 711WT Digital Color Printers

Graphics One and OKI Data Americas announce the availability of a new and broader range of transfer media offerings approved for use with the OKI pro920WT and 711WT digital color printers – the GO FlipIt 2.0 line and the GO UNO line. These two lines of transfer papers were thoroughly vetted and selected based on their ease of use, exceptional print quality and ability to deliver bright white transfers, together with the elasticity, durability and soft hand of the finished product. All media is available through Graphics One – an authorized reseller and national distribution partner for both OKI printers.

Part of the impressive OKI proColor™ Series – a line of high impact digital color printers that serves the graphic arts, production, specialty printing and imaging technologies industries, the OKI pro920WT is a commercial grade, tabloid/A3 digital color printer with high-quality color output – including white – for textile transfers. The new 711WT from OKI Data Americas is a desktop A4 digital color printer with white toner for lower volume transfer production. Together, these printers deliver high-impact, cost effective alternatives to screen printing, providing speed, accuracy, and exceptional output quality for those within the specialty printing market.

"The expanded range of media now available for use with the OKI pro920WT and 711WT enhances the unique transfer printing capabilities of both products and underscores OKI Data's commitment to printing innovation," said Rich Egert, General Manager of the Strategic Technology Provider Business Group for OKI Data Americas. "We are confident that this market segment will continue to embrace the pro920WT and 711WT as OKI Data expands its presence serving the specialty printing and imaging space."

Graphics One is the authorized reseller of the OKI pro920WT, and also serves as national distribution partner for both printers throughout the US. These OKI Data printers compliment Graphics One’s comprehensive line of transfer medias offered for the direct-to-garment, hard substrate, leather and sublimation markets.

According to Dan Barefoot, President of Graphics One, "We are confident that the GO FlipIt 2.0 and GO UNO lines of transfer media are the best products for use with the OKI pro920WT and 711WT, delivering the most professional, highest quality output in today’s market."

"The GO FlipIt 2.0 line, in particular, offers users tremendous flexibility," continued Barefoot. "It is the most well-rounded media given its use in a variety of applications, and has been incredibly well-received within the specialty printing market."

OKI Data products are built on parent company OKI Data Corporation’s history of leadership and innovation. Most of OKI Data’s color printing solutions feature Single Pass Color™ as well as proprietary digital LED and HD Color technologies. These technologies allow OKI Data Americas to manufacture products that require fewer moving parts for increased reliability and outstanding color output quality.

OKI provides live , toll-free technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with agents based in North America.

For more information regarding the innovative OKI proColor™ Series, visit

GO FlipIt 2.0 Transfer Paper for Dark and Black Garments or T-shirts

Users of the OKI pro920WT and OKI 711WT LED transfer printers with white toner have been enjoying tremendous sales using GO;s FlipIt 2.0 transfer paper. This high performance weedless, no cut,  transfer solution for transferring CMYK and white toner on to black and colored t-shirts and garments. FlipIt 2.0 is available in both 11"x17" and 8.5"x11" sizes and is a two step process. 

Many users ask us what is the main difference between using FlipIt 2.0 versus Direct-to-Garment (DTG) or Digital Direct (D2) printers? The main difference is our LED printers print a transfer sheet every two seconds and there is no need for Pretreatment or Precoating. None. Using FlipIt 2.0 provides far higher transfer speed and does not incur the extra costs of a Pretreating or Precoating Device. We say, "No Pretreating or Precoating Needed." 

For added information click on: GO FlipIt 2.0 Transfer Paper

One final comment. Can you imagine the pro920WT and 711WT are priced about the same as the  precoaters or pretrement devices. There is NO reason to purchase these units with the pro920WT or the 711WT. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Best CMYK Solution for T-shirt or Garment Printing...$2,195!

GO's UNO LED Professional Transfer Printer has quickly become the most cost effective solution for imaging of garments and t-shirts. The reason? Check out these specifications:

 First Tabloid Color Printer Specifically Made for Transfers for T-shirts and Garments
• Very Easy to Use--Just Like Desktop Printer
• Prints An Image Every Two Seconds
• Virtually No Maintenance--Leave Unit for Several Months and It Works Right Away
• Denser Imaging than Traditional LED Printer - A Perfect Match for Transfers
• Engineered Specifically for Use with Neenah and GO UNO Transfer Paper
• Full Transfer and Tabloid Printing—GO Extended Edge Technology Allows for Three More Inches of Printing On Bottom
• GO eColor Transfer Technology; UNO Color Toners Enhanced for Transfer - Sharp Detail and Rich, Dramatic Color
• 1200 x 600 dpi Resolution for Crisp, Clear Output
• Media Handling from 3” x 5” to 11.6” x 52” Transfers and Banners—The Only Tabloid Printer to Handle Sheets of that Length
• Fast Print Speeds: Color Output at up to 30 ppm; Monochrome at up to 32 ppm
• 1 Year Limited Warranty on Printer; 5 Year Limited Warranty on LED Array

For added information on the GO UNO please click: GO UNO Info

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thinking of Buying Direct-to-Garment? Read This First.

Key Questions Regarding How GO/OKI Transfer Solutions Compare to Direct-to-Garment (DTG /D2) are as Follows:

Q: Does the company offer both printers for printing light garments as well as dark or black garments?
GO/OKI: We offer a full range of printers starting with the GO UNO, a printer developed specifically for imaging up to 11”x17” light garments, the 711WT for imaging letter sized dark or black shirts with white and the pro920WT for imaging 11”x17” dark or black shirts.
DTG: Most providers offer both CMYK only and CMYK White printers, but in some cases only CMYK capable printers.

Q: What is the price of the GO/OKI printers and complete systems?
GO/OKI: Pricing for the UNO is $2,195, $3,395 for the 711WT and $7,495 for the 920WT. Complete t-shirt systems range from $2,995 up to $8,995. A user can get into the t-shirt business at a product cost of only $2,995.
DTG: Comparable DTG systems range from $20,000 to over $40,000…and yes the GO/OKI solution offers virtually the same capability at a much lower cost.

Q:Does the cotton garment need to be pre-coated for white to adhere?
GO/OKI: Unlike direct-to-garment printers the GO/OKI transfer solution does not require pre-coating of the garment to be able to use white.
DTG: At trade shows it is rare that DTG providers even tell potential customers that they recommend a precoating device costing between $3,500 and $7,000 for imaging white, and the precoating adds processing steps (in fact here is a dirty secret: at trade shows these vendors precoat their black shirts so a user does not see them coating…take your own jersey to the show and ask them to image it). By the way, adding the precoater adds to the the cost of the printing system of between $15,000 to $35,000. 

Q:How long does it take a DTG unit to image a garment?
GO/OKI: Imaging one transfer sheet using any of the GO/OKI is about two seconds a sheet.
DTG: printers average two to five minutes for just imaging the shirt not including precoating or any heat press steps.

Q:What other substrates other than cotton can a DTG printer print?
GO/OKI: LED printers with toner offer the ability to transfer to most fabrics.
DTG: DTG is limited to cotton.

Q: Does the DTG printer offer the capability to image on hard surface materials such as mugs, acrylic, metal, leather, wood and many other substrates?
GO/OKI: LED printers has the ability using transfer papers for imaging to the widest array of substrates in the industry.
DTG: DTG printers are generally limited to imaging cotton based substrates.

Q: What daily maintenance is required of the DTG unit?
GO/OKI: Our printers do not require any type of ongoing daily maintenance. Even if the printer is not used for an extended period of time, it will work without any issues.
DTG: DTG products have a daily morning and evening routine to ensure the printer does not clog. Additionally, if the printer is not going to be used for any period of time, there is a complete in-depth procedure which must be implemented to ensure the printer does not clog and ruin the ink delivery system and printheads.

Q: What is the cost for a new DTG printhead and the cost for the technician to come change it?
GO/OKI: The LED array is warranted for five years.
DTG: If a DTG printhead goes bad, the cost to replace it ranges from $2,000 to $3,500 depending upon the type of printhead. Additionally if the printhead is out of warranty, there is a service charge of between $400 to $1,000 to replace it.

Q:How much DTG ink is wasted on cleaning and flushing?
GO/OKI: With the LED printers is no toner wastage used for head cleanings or flushing.
DTG: It is estimated that between 5-10% of ink is used by DTG printers to clean, flush and keep the printhead moist so that it does not clog.

Q: What is the average cost for imaging a CMYK and CMYK plus White using DTG?
GO/OKI: CMYK images cost about $.50 for paper and toner and approximately $1.50 with white for letter sized images.
DTG: DTG costs an average of $.75 for CMYK and $1.75 for CMYK plus white for the same sized images.

Q: How long does it take to train on the DTG RIP software and how intuitive is it?
GO/OKI: The OKI/GO solution uses an onboard Adobe RIP which is just like using a normal desktop printer. There is very little training needed for its use.
DTG: Most DTG units use a complicated software RIP which must be used with a server and where the training to use the RIP is between one to three days.

Q: What type of warranty is offered?
GO/OKI: Our warranty includes a one year onsite warranty.
DTG: Most DTG providers offer a parts only warranty and in some cases, do not cover the ink delivery or printhead at all.

Q: Does your DTG provider offer you a complete system, including heat presses, mug presses, paper, toner and other accessories?
GO/OKI: Graphics One offers the most complete range of accessories for not only LED transfer systems but also dye sublimation and other printing systems for unique applications. As part of this offering GO has transfer papers and film, heat presses, color management, blanks and a variety of other products all supported by GO.
DTG: Generally DTG providers generally do not offer the complete system, only the printer and sometimes the pre-coating machine.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No Pretreatment or Coating Needed for Dark or Black T-shirts

Printwear Q&A--Printwear offer a very good Q&A section on their website and the following is an except from the website concerning D2 (digital direct) or DTG (direct to garment) printers printing white and colors on dark or black t-shirts. The fact is all of the D2 manufacturers including Anajet and Brother indicate the only way to properly image dark and black garments is by precoating, or pretreating the t-shirts. In fact, both companies say it is also good for even light or white t-shirts as well. Please see the Q&A below.

Q. What is the one thing that is most important to ensure consistent quality digital direct (D2) / direct to garment (DTG) prints on darks?

A: The pre-treatment process is key. Just like when building a house, a good foundation is very important. Consistent, even pre-treatment is the foundation on which the rest of the D2 process is built. When the pre-treatment process is not applied properly, the D2 prints will appear to be faded in certain areas and, in cases where insufficient pre-treatment fluid is applied, the print may even wash out of the shirt when laundered.

The best way to achieve a consistent print is to apply the fluid with an automatic pre-treating machine (additional purchase may be required). When properly maintained and used correctly, these machines offer the user the ability to consistently achieve a high quality product. Answered by Brother International Corporation

Note from Graphics One: With the GO / OKI LED transfer system for imaging both dark and black garments, no precoating is needed. What the answer above does not say is that adding a precoater costs between $3,500 and $8,000 above and beyond the printer. Additionally, the precoating must be heat pressed prior to and after the imaging,  adding many steps to the process. The question we have for users is, "why would you spend more than the price of the UNO, 711WT or pro920WT on pretreating or precoating devices? There is absolutely no need for this type of equipment with the GO / OKI solutions.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Direct-to-Garmet or LED Transfer Printer

In the first of our discussions of whether direct-to-garment / D2 printers and GO/OKI LED printers are competitive, below you will find an overview of what the GO / OKI LED transfer solutions offer:

  • Three Printers--UNO, 711WT and 920WT
  • Printers for Specific Applications--The UNO is perfect for CMYK light and white imaging, whereas the OKI 711WT is a letter size printer for imaging on dark and blacks and the pro920WT is the best 11"x17" transfer printer for imaging darks and blacks.  
  • Low Cost—The cost of entry starts at $2,195 and a full system can be had for as little as $2,995. Additionally the OKI 711WT lists for $3,395 and the pro920WT is $7,495. 
  • Full Color and White—Solution offers the ability to print on light, dark and black garments in full color including white
  •  Low Operating Costs—CMYK toner with paper averages $.50 and CMYW $1.50 for letter sized images
  • Easy-to-use—Just like using a desktop printer so little training needed
  • High Speed—Images at up to one transfer sheet every two seconds
  • Full Complement of Transfer Material—Transfer materials are available for so many applications beyond just garment decoration
  • No Complicated Maintenance—All that is needed is to flip the on-off switch
  • Onsite Warranty—One year onsite warranty on printers with second year optiona

Over the next few weeks we will discuss the specific differences between GO and OKI's solutions and how they compare to direct-to-garment printers from manufacturers such as Anajet and Brother.

Laser vs LED: What Is the Difference?

Laser printers and LED printers are often grouped together when speaking in broad categories, though they are different technologies. They both use static electricity applied to a drum, which helps adhere toner with heat to create an image. The main difference is how the static charge is applied.

Laser: A laser printer uses a single laser beam aimed at a revolving mirror that reflects the beam through a series of lenses and finally to an image drum. When the laser reaches the rotating imaging drum, it creates a static charge that attracts toner to it, which is then transferred to the page. The laser scans across the page in sequence, emitting thousands of light bursts per second.

LED (Light Emitting Diode): An LED printer, on the other hand, uses an array of tiny LED lights that light up at different times to create the static charge. Since the lights span the entire width of the drum, an LED printer requires fewer moving parts.

LEDs are more efficient and reliable than conventional laser printers as they have no moving parts (second image). Given the number of moving parts, laser printers can be costly and time-consuming to repair - a problem Oki Data customers do not face as OKI’s toner-based printers use LED technology.

The digital LED light source further allows higher print speeds at higher resolutions than traditional laser light sources. Laser systems rely on elaborate combinations of rotating mirrors and lenses that must remain in alignment throughout their use. The laser scans from one end of a line to another, then starts on the next line. Unlike laser printers, an LED printhead has no moving parts. Additionally, OKI has a straight-line paper path less susceptible to jams when feeding heavy stock, envelopes or labels.


With an LED printer, page one will look exactly the same as page 500. A product of engineering, laser printers cannot produce the same consistency. LED printers promise the same sharpness and clarity print after print.

• Excellent Print Quality
• Higher Reliability and Lasting Performance with No Moving Part Technology
• Higher Print Speeds at Higher Resolutions
• Higher Print Quality Finish
• Higher Accuracy
• Maximize your Workspace - More Compact Size Also Means Using Less Raw Materials
• Low Maintenance
• Long Printhead Life (LEDs) with High Energy Efficiency
• Amazing Color

*OKI is so confident in the reliability of the LEDs  that a 5-year warranty is provided.

For more information, please see:

For a video visual, please see:

Graphics One Redefines Dye Sublimation Ink Standards with the Launch of GO NeoTack Ink

Burbank, California-November, 2012-Graphics One, LLC (GO), an international distributor dedicated to providing innovative, high quality products to digital imaging professionals worldwide is launching its new GO NeonTack Ink, a professional grade dye sublimation ink with integrated tack to eliminate ghosting and the need for tacky dye sub paper. GO will be demonstrating its GO NeonTack Ink at the ISS Long Beach Show January 18-20.

GO’s NeonTack Ink offers newly patented heat activated Tack Technology developed to eliminate the need for tacky paper with a formula providing tack function to conventional dye sub papers when used with textiles and apparel. Even the most basic dye sublimation transfer papers are capable of producing ultra crisp and vibrant transfer results decreasing the overall cost of the sublimation process. Moreover, GO NeonTack Ink provides a hi-fi 12 color set with three new neon colors including Neon Red, Neon Yellow and Neon Blue in addition to Super Black, Orange, Blue, CMYK, Lc and Lm to create an outstanding color gamut 30 to 40% greater than average dye sublimation ink. GO Neotack even enhances four color printers by using traditional NeoTack Cyan and Magenta with Neon Yellow and Super Black. Other neon colors can also be substituted for the traditional colors from our NeoTack ink set.

The excellent runability and no clog formula extensively tested in EPSON printheads solidifies GO NeoTack Ink as the new standard for dye sublimation ink.

According to David Badalyan, GO Sales Management, “We are very excited to offer the new GO NeoTack dye sub ink as it eliminates the need for tacky paper creating far crisper images while decreasing the overall cost of sublimation by as much as 25%. GO NeonTack Ink offers a new level of dye sublimation printing with vibrant colors, true blacks, and neon spot colors not offered by other sublimation inks.”

GO’s NeoTack Ink is packaged in one liter and 500 ml degassed foil inkpacks at a very competitive price point of $125 and $65 respectively. GO NeoTack Ink will begin shipping in January 2013.

For more information, please see:


Saturday, January 5, 2013

GO UNO Paper--No Cut, No Weed Paper for GO UNO Printer

GO UNO No Weed, No Cut Transfer Paper is a high performance one step weedless transfer paper for both the GO UNO and for OKI LED transfer printers. This new transfer paper allows a user to easily transfer images to a variety of white and light colored fabrics or dark fabric with metallic foil. The secret is only the toner transfers and nothing else. Users will find this process simple as well as the easiest way to make money in the garment transfer business--print it, transfer it, sell it. Pricing is $.50 per sheet. For added information please click on: GO UNO Transfer Paper

Thursday, January 3, 2013

OKI pro920WT Super Bundle

Start your t-shirt business with the GO 920WT Super Bundle. This super deal provides virtually all the products needed to start a successful t-shirt business. The solution includes:

TheOKI 920 WT Super Bundle includes the OKI 920 WT Printer, One FREE set of toner, GO uPress 1620HD Heat Press, GO uPress Mug Heat Press, GO FlipIt 2.0 DarkTransfer Paper (8.5” x 11”, 20 sheets), GO FlipIt 1.0 Dark Transfer Paper (8.5” x 11”, 100 sheets), GO FlipIt 1.0 Hard Surface Transfer Paper (8.5” x 11”, 100 sheets) and GO LogoIt

For more information about this system, click on: OKI Super Bundle

GO Metalnox Calandra 1800AD PRO

Graphics One has launched the Metalnox Calandra calendar in the Americas. Offering the capability to image cut sheets, dye sublimation roll-to-roll and direct transfer substrates makes this one of the most versatile calendars available. In fact it is one of the only calendars offering 3-in-1 capabilities. This unit is the leading calendar used throughout the Americas for heavy duty imaging by apparel factories. The unit comes with installation and one year onsite warranty (please ask for the details). An overview is:

• 71" 3-in-1 Calendar Heat Transfer 
• Cut Sheet, Roll-to-Roll and Direct-to-Transfer Calendar Transfer
• Heavy Duty Industrial Unit with Cut-off Continuation in Case of Losing Power
• Uniform Heat Distribution Using Thermal Oil Cylinder
• Patented Dual Felt Protection System

For added information please click on: GO Metalnox Calandra 1800AD


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

GO Announces New GO NeoTack Dye Sub Ink

Today Graphics One announced its new GO NeoTack dye sublimation ink, a new ink featuring a new patented ink tack tack technology along with having a color gamut of 30% to 40% greater than normal dye sub ink. Our new NeoTack ink redefines expectations for dye sublimation ink. For added information please click on: GO NeoTack Info.

GO Products Named to Digital Output Top 50

The November issue of Digital Output, which is due to hit the streets on Oct. 26, honors 50 companies in the industry as top innovators in 2012.

Graphics One was chosen by Digital Output readers to the Top 50, as well as three Graphics One products: EcoMax, FlagMaster and RIO products. All three of these products are only available through the Graphics One Distribution channel.
For added information please click on the following:

GO Metalnox 8000AV PRO Launched at ISS

During the ISS Long Beach show in several weeks, Graphics One will launch a number of new products. One of the new products will be the GO Metalnox 8000AV PRO industrial heat press. Sporting dual fully automatic pneumatic 33.5-x43-inch shuttles, the 8000AV is perfect addition to garment producer's factories. Additionally, the 8000AV PRO offers a patented vacuum system which eliminates the need for tacky paper on full presses. For added information please click:GO Metalnox 8000AV PRO