Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Metalnox Announces New 28"x39" Dual Shuttle Heat Press--Only $8,495

Metalnox is at it again with the launch of their new PTS 950 Basic.  The Metalnox PTS 950 Basic is a semi automatic dual platen press with each platen measuring 28"x39" at a list price of $8,495. Further the pressing is actually accomplished using a pneumatically controlled press for consistent all over pressing. Manufactured in the Americas, the PTS 950 Basic starts shipping this month. 

An overview of the GO Metalnox PTS 950 Basic is as follows:

• 28” x 39” Semi-Automatic Manual Dual Shuttle Pneumatic Heat Press
• Manual Dual Shuttles for Increased Production Runs
• Adjustable Digital Heat Temperature and Time Control
• Consistent Heat Distribution and High Pressure Over Entire Platen
• Double Teflon Covered Plates
• Perfect for Large Format Dye Sub and Heat Transfer Applications
• Manufactured in the Americas

New GO Metalnox EL 800 Heat Press Now Shipping

Graphics One recently announced the availability of the GO Metalnox EL 800 20"x28" pull-out drawer manual heat press. Manufactured in the Americas, the EL 800 price at $2,795 offers one of the best values in large format heat presses. 

The GO Metalnox EL 800 is a cost effective manual drawer type heat press that maintains a high level of quality and is an ideal press for production. The heat press frame, cast in aluminum, is lightweight, durable, and low maintenance. High pressure can be achieved without having to hold down the top of the press.

Monday, August 12, 2013

SEPIAX "Direct;to-Anything" Water Based Resin Inks--Ten Facts

Graphics One has been offering SEPIAX Ink for a number of years now. In the next month we will have some exciting news regarding a new print-and-cut device which will feature the use of SEPIAX. We believe this will be a major new capability, for those who are doing garment transfers, especially for those who are concerned about using eco-solvent inks for doing garment transfers.

A recent article on solvent inks in Digital Output magazines stated, "one of the more intriguing terms used is eco-solvent ink. To most people, "eco" means ecological. But these inks generally contain glycol esters or glycol ether esters – both derived from mineral oil – hardly a renewable resource or an ecologically sound process." An overview of the Facts about SEPIAX ink is as follows:

Ten Facts about SEPIAX Ink:
1. Prints on virtually any substrate*
2. No substrate coating needed
3. Water based resin with exceptional pigment properties
4. Eco-friendly , non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless
5. Ink 30% -50% less for same coverage
6. Adhesion and durability rivaling eco-solvent
7. Outdoor durability up to three years
8. Clog reduced formula
9. Compatible with all EPSON piezo printheads
10. Not ordinary latex—It’s better.
*Substrate surface must be between 45C~55C