Saturday, March 29, 2014

Graphics One Shows GO F-24XL UV LED Inkjet Printer for First Time at IPEX London

The first showing of the F-24 XL (extra long) UV inkjet flatbed printer occurred in London during the IPEX 2014 show. Expected to list for less than $45K, the F-24XL offers a bed size of 24"x48" with an optional media / board loading system. Pricing on the loading system has not been established yet. Shipment of the unit is expected in the third quarter of 2014. The target market for this unit is the promotional market and the signage market. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is the EPSON SureColor F2000 Standard CMYK Unit Too Expensive?

With the "Big E" launching their new SureColor F2000 direct-to-garment (DTG) printers earlier this year many in the industry have questioned whether the standard CMYK unit price at $19,995 is a reasonable price. Of course the answer to that question is, "depends." 

There are a large number of competitive standard CMYK DTG printers in the market. The reliability of these newer units is much higher than users have experienced in the past with other DTG units. The competition is really tight in this market space and for sure the price level is much less than EPSON's $19,995 price.  

Of course there is no doubt first time entrants / users into this market space will pay the added cost for the support and reliability of the "Big E's" Standard DTG unit. If a user has been in the market for some time it is highly likely this user will opt for other less expensive units with less expensive ink. This makes sense. 

GO UNO: a $2,195 Alternative
There is a viable alternative to the "Big E" F2000 Standard CMYK unit. 

Graphics One launched the GO UNO LED Professional Transfer Printer several years ago into the t-shirt transfer market. The UNO has quickly become the most cost effective solution for imaging of garments and t-shirts. The reason? Check out these specifications:

• First Tabloid Color Printer Specifically Made for Transfers for T-shirts and Garments
• Very Easy to Use--Just Like Desktop Printer
• Prints An Image Every Two Seconds
• Virtually No Maintenance--Leave Unit for Several Months and It Works Right Away
• Denser Imaging than Traditional LED Printer - A Perfect Match for Transfers
• Engineered Specifically for Use with GO's UNO Transfer Paper
• Full Transfer and Tabloid Printing—GO Extended Edge Technology Allows for Three More Inches of Printing On Bottom
• GO eColor Transfer Technology; UNO Color Toners Enhanced for Transfer - Sharp Detail and Rich, Dramatic Color
• 1200 x 600 dpi Resolution for Crisp, Clear Output
• Media Handling from 3” x 5” to 11.6” x 52” Transfers and Banners—The Only Tabloid Printer to Handle Sheets of that Length
• Fast Print Speeds: Color Output at up to 30 ppm; Monochrome at up to 32 ppm
• 1 Year Limited Warranty on Printer; 5 Year Limited Warranty on LED Array

EPSON F2000 vs GO UNO Operational Costs
Seems that EPSON has now published North American list pricing for the F2000 Ink and other consumables. The initial indication is the 600 ml ink cartridges are priced $229.50 each (CMYKW). The EPSON Pre-treatment solution has a list price of $679.95 and comes in a 20 liter bottle (mixed 1-1) for a total of 40 liters. A white ink cleaning cartridge is $19.95 and the special Print Head Cleaning Kit is $94.95 and must be used every 1000 images.

How does the list pricing for the GO UNO toner cartridges compare? The GO UNO consumable prices are below (please remember there are no extraneous maintenance costs):

GO UNO--Black $150 CMY $195

On a per copy basis the GO UNO offers much lower costs. 

How Does the UNO Compare to the F2000?
If you seek ease-of-use, low operational cost, speed,  image versatility and the much lower price of $2,195 vs $19,995, then there is no doubt the GO UNO is the preferred choice. (By the way, the F2000 is not shipping yet, so there is no competition.)

For added information on the GO UNO please click: GO UNO Info

Monday, March 3, 2014

GO Launches American Made e-UV System

Following on the launch of the GO e-UV System several months ago, Graphics One has brought the manufacturing of this product back to the US following a trend of "reshoring" products which used to be made offshore. The GO e-UV system was originally manufactured offshore and is now manufactured in a high tech facility in the midwestern part of the US.

The new US made LampBar system includes the lamp assembly, dual power supply and lamp itself. This new system is shipping immediately with a list price of $4,995 and is available exclusively through the GO Distribution Channel.

For more information please click here: