Thursday, December 24, 2015

Amazing New Textile Pigment Ink Rivals Dye Sublimation Inks in Color Pop Launches Incredible New P60i Ink for Textile Prints's new P60i pigment inks from the Australian based company are quickly establishing a new performance level for digital textile inks. The P60i ink offers excellent color fidelity and extended gamut similar to what many other dye sub ink manufacturers offer. There's no more subdued images with the P60i Ink.

Developed for's new GoTx direct-to-textile printing systems, the new inks utilize super nano pigments with a new latex derived binder for enhanced adhesion for both coated and uncoated fabrics. Additionally, the ink offers incredible color brightness, color density and a wide color gamut generally found with traditional dye sublimation and reactive inks. 

The P60i ink requires no water, no pre-treatment, no steaming or washing in the production process making it the greener solution in the digital textile printing industry. The ink is available in nine different colors including CMYK, Orange, Grey, Red, Violet and Green. The ink is packaged in a degassed bag system designed to deliver outstanding performance with less clogging and maintenance needs. P60i pigment textile ink is available from Graphics One in the Americas and is currently shipping. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Overview of Metalnox EL 900 and Knight DK 32

For a better understanding of the differences between the Metalnox EL 900 and the Knight DK 32, please review the following presentation: EL 900 and DK 32 Overview

The new DK 32 is well positioned at $6,195 for a 26"x32" heat press. The Metalnox EL 900 offers a pressing space of 27.5" x 43", 42% more space with only a small price difference. For added information about the Metalnox EL 900 please go to: Metalnox EL 900 Info

Friday, December 18, 2015

Geo Knight Announces Knight DK 32--26"x 32" Medium Format Manual Heat Press

Metalnox EL 900 Offers 42% More Platen /  Heater Block Space than the Knight DK 32

Knight dk 32
Geo Knight have announced an addition to their product line and have launched the DK 32, a manual 26"x 32" ,medium format heat press. The unit is priced at $6,195 and appears to be only available through Conde, a well known and successful dye sublimation product provider.  

This unit is aimed at the same market as the Metalnox EL 900, a 27.5"x 43" manual heat press priced at $6,495. The EL 900 offers far more value with 42% more platen space than the Knight DK 32. 

Graphics One will soon provide a comparison between the Metalnox EL 900 and the Knight DK 32 medium format manual heat presses. For added info about the Metalnox product line, and more specifically the EL 900, please go to: Metalnox EL 900 Info

Thursday, October 15, 2015

GO F-24 Updated to GO F-24+ with New Bottle Printing Capability

Many New Features Announced with Launch of GO F-24+
Graphics One is pleased to release the new GO F-24+ small format UV LED inkjet printer. Based on the highly successful GO F-24, the new version offers major enhancements which have been tested and proved since the launch of the original F-24 unit. 

The enhancements include: 
  • New Rotary Tool for UV imaging of cylindrical objects--free to anyone purchasing a F-24+ before the end of 2015
  • New UV Sticky Mat for holding substrates on the table for imaging. 
  • New ink delivery system implementing enhanced pressure for all colors with the white re-circulation of ink via a pressurized peristaltic pump system coupled with pressure release filters and dampers
  • New sophisticated Standby Mode for when printer is powered on but not printing. The white ink is circulated and filters for 10 minutes out of every two hours
  • New third generation LED lamp arrays enhanced to fix and to iprove the UV ink curing and adhesion
  • New UV ink in either gloss or matte
  • New liquid cooled lamp system to keep the lamps at a low temperature for enhanced longevity
  • New GO SuperPrime product line which includes three new primers to enahance UV adhesion on a wide variety of different substrates, most of which other UV inkjet printers cannot image
The new GO F-24+ is shipping now and current units have the option to be upgraded. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mutoh RJ-900X Dye Sub Printer and Add-on Presentation--The Most Reliable 44-inch System Available

The Mutoh RJ-900X has become the industry standard for 44-inch dye sublimation printing. Graphics One has compiled a presentation with information covering the Mutoh RJ-900X Dye Sub printer, GO NeoTack Dye Sub ink, GO Xtreme Dye Sub Tack paper, VV-44 Roll-to-Roll Calendar, Metalnox EL 900 and Metalnox PTS 8000-Single. Add installation and service and a user has the best 44-inch dye sub solution in the market, all from Graphics One.  

The presentation also includes information regarding the EPSON F7060 44-inch dye sub printer and how it compares to the Mutoh unit. The presentation can be found at: Presentation Covering Mutoh RJ-900X and Accessories.

Additionally, if you would like to review further information the Mutoh RJ-900X, you can find this information on the Graphics One website at: RJ-900X Info.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Take-up System and Tensioning Bar for Use with Mutoh RJ-900X

GO Take-up System and Tensioning Bar for RJ-900X Dye Sub Printer

Graphics One has been offering alternative media handling systems for large format printers for many years. Recently we have been working to improve the performance of our units and we now have our new GO Pro Take-up System for Mutoh's  RJ-900X, with an overview as follows:
·         Easy install
·         Bi-directional take-up
·         Sensor operated on and off
·         2- or 3-inch core compatibility
·         List Price: $595

Additionally we are the first ones to have a paper tension bar for the RJ-900X. Our manufacturing partner has developed an easy to install tension bar which smooths the paper for easier imaging, reduces paper cockling, increases the overall imaging speed and helps to reduce printhead strikes. If you include the bar with the take-up system, the bundle list price is $695. If purchased separately the list price is $175. 

Both units are shipping immediately. To see the GO Take-up System in operation, please go to: Take-up on YouTube

For more in-depth info please go to:

Friday, July 31, 2015

OKI C831-TS--T-shirts and More

After a slow start we are happy to report the OKI C831-TS is gaining momentum, and for good reasons. As part of marketing the OKI C831-TS we continually say, “ OKI C831-TS Printer—T-shirts and More.” Yes, no doubt the C831-TS provides far more than just t-shirts and is also one of OKI’s most reliable printers. For sure, the OKI C831-TS is a winner.

Besides T-shirts, what can the OKI C831-TS do? See below for ideas and bundles Graphics One offers, including: 

·         OKI C831-TS Golf Pack Bundle--Click: Golf Bundle
·         OKI C831-TS Signage Bundle--Click: Signage Bundle
·         OKI C831-TS Promo Item Bundle--Click: Promo Item Bundle
·         OKI C831-TS Mug Bundle--Click: Mug Bundle
·         OKI C831-TS Water Bottle Bundle--Click: Water Bottle Bundle

The reliability and versatility of the OKI C831-TS makes this a great choice for anyone wishing to become involved in digital imaging of "T-shirts and More." 

For more information on the OKI product line please Click: OKI LED Transfer Printers.

Monday, July 20, 2015

New OKI C831-TS Perfect Combo Printer for Direct-to-Garment Printers--It's Only $2,095

Do you have an Anajet, Brother, EPSON, Impressions DTG, Mutoh or another type of DTG printer? 

As you are aware, DTG units generally do one thing: print on cotton t-shirts.  We have a new $2,095 printer which is a perfect complement to any of the direct-to-garment printers available today. In fact this new printer combo makes your DTG offering even more powerful. 

You will find very interesting information in our presentation called T-shirts and More, Featuring OKI's C831-TS. T
o review this new presentation, please go to:  T-shirts and More Presentation

In the presentation you will find information covering:

-Promo Items
-Bottles...the list goes on. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mutoh ValueJet 1628WX New Product Overview

Graphics One has been testing the new Mutoh VJ 1628WX dye sub printer and finding its capability for imaging up to 8 colors offers outrageous color. When combined with GO's NeoTack Dye Sub ink there is no doubt this combination of printer and ink is the most amazing in the industry. For added information please check out our overview presentation located at: Mutoh VJ 1628WX Presentation

Additionally for added data, please go to: More Info Mutoh VJ 1628WX Dye Sub Printer

Graphics One Launches Mutoh VJ 1628WX 8 Color Dye Sub Printer--Outrageous Colors

New Mutoh ValueJet 1628WX 4,6,8 Color Dye Sub Printer Tested for Launch

After extensive testing at Graphics One we are pleased to announce the new Mutoh VJ-1628WX is ready to be launched. Using 8 outrageous colors from GO's NeoTack colors, we can confidently say the new 1628WX offers the widest and most amazing dye sub ink color imaging in the business. 

The new VJ1628WX features the latest print head from EPSON for high resolution color pop imaging. With imaging up to 1440 dpi and speeds up to 600 sq ft per hour, this new printer offers great performance at value pricing especially when paired with GO' NeoTack Dye Sub ink.  

With the capability to do either 4,6 or 8 colors, the unit is highly versatile for the most demanding dye sub printing. Why is GO's NeoTack such a great partner for the 1628WX? An overview of NeoTack is as follows:

  • 19 Colors, including three neon colors
  • New high density colors for deeper colors and for imaging on thinner paper
  • Excellent runability and works with all EPSON print heads
  • Great UV stability and light fastness
  • 30-40% greater color gamut due to neons, orange, green, violet, high density colors
  • Degassed foil bags for consistent color and clog free imaging
  • Patented heat activited tack provides sharp edges and reduces the need for more expensive tack paper

Additionally, Graphics One only recommends the number one RIP software for dye sublimation, Wasatch SoftRIP. For more information please go to: More Info Mutoh ValueJet 1628WX Dye Sub Printer

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Metalnox Announces Large Format Heat Press for Both Mutoh RJ-900X and EPSON F6070

New Metalnox PTS 8000 Air Powered 33"x 43" Single Shuttle $11,995

Metalnox has now released their latest new large format heat press, the PTS 8000 Single Shuttle Heat Press. At 33"x 43" the new PTS 8000 Single was developed specifically for the 44-inch dye sub printer market. Both the EPSON F6070 Dye Sub Printer and the Mutoh RJ-900X Printers are the target for this new heat press.

An overview of the new PTS 8000-Single is as follows: 

Air Operated 33” x 43” Large Format Pneumatic Heat Press
•Perfect Size for EPSON SureColor F6070 and Mutoh RJ-900X
•Ergonomic Easy-Glide Shuttle for East of Use
•Adjustable Digital Heat Temperature and Time Control
•Aluminum Milled Uni-platen for Precise Pressure Over Entire Area
•Multi-Spot Temperature Control for Even Heat Distribution
•Eco-Profit Power Reduction for Up to 35% Savings in Power Use
•Manufactured in the Americas

•List Price $11,995

The unit is shipping now. More information can be found at: More Metalnox Info

Friday, May 15, 2015

Graphics One Presents T-shirt Transfers with OKI C831-TS, Forever Laser Transparent Paper and Metalnox EL 600

It really is easy to image a t-shirt in 60 seconds or less using the OKI C831-TS to image to Forever's Laser Transparent paper and then heat pressing the paper to the t-shirt using the Metalnox EL 600 Heat Press. The following YouTube video offers a quick overview.

All one needs to get into the business is the OKI C831-TS LED laser transfer printer, the Metalnox EL 600 heat press and Forever Laser Transparent paper. For added information please go to:

Graphics One to Participate in FESPA Cologne with Launch of RoTx Direct-to-Textile Printers

FESPA Cologne in May 2015 will be the site of the launch of the new RoTx Direct-to-Textile Systems. The product line is focused on "Everything Textile" and is comprised of two printers sized 74-inches and 104-inches with modular fixation and fabric pre-treatment units. The major part of the direct-to-fabric market has been focused on printers at 10-feet and longer, but Graphics One now sees a very good opportunity for 104-inch and 74-inch printing market.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Metalnox Product Presentation

Graphics One Marketing has compiled a new presentation covering the Metalnox heat presses and calendars being offered in North America. In the presentation there are charts covering:

  • 19 Different Heat Presses and Calendars
  • 6 Presses Specifically for DTG Printers
  • 4 Presses Specifically for 24-inch Printers
  • 4 Presses Specifically for 44-inch Printers
  • 5 Presses Specifically for 64-inch Printers
  • 4 Pages of Competitive Information

Please click here to review the presentation: Metalnox Product Overview. Additionally the presentation provides information regarding the most complete range of large format heat presses and roll-to-roll rotary calendars. 

Additionally, we have a complete webpage for the Metalnox product line located at: Metalnox Product Line

Monday, March 23, 2015

New GO Buzz Magazine Features Articles on "NO DTG"

GO's Latest Buzz Magazine is eight pages long and titled "No DTG". This issue provides new information covering:

  • Three different printers starting at $2,095 which compete against DTG printers
  • Two printers with white toner for imaging black and dark t-shirts starting at $3,395
  • Full t-shirt transfer production system starting at $3,695
  • Chart showing differences between Transfer, Dye Sub and DTG technologies
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Transfer vs DTG
  • Complete listing of transfer papers which can print to hundreds of different substrates
  • All over t-shirt dye sub systems starting at $12,995
To read the latest issue, please click on: GO BUZZ Magazine

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New GO F-24 Small Format UV Printer Video

We have a new video presentation of the GO F-24 on You Tube at: GO F-24 UV Video. This video covers the basic features of this outstanding printer. For added information please click on: GO F-24 Information

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Metalnox Announces New EL 900 27.5"x44" Heat Press $6,495

Metalnox EL 900 Heat Press Industrial Performance at Only $6,495

Metalnox is doing it again with an announcement for the new EL 900 heat press. The new unit features an easy-glide pull out drawer with an ergonamic handle for managing pressing of images.

With an pressing area of 27.5"x44" there are multiple applications for this new medium / large format heat press. The unit will start to ship in March, 2015 and will be available via Graphics One and its elite channel of sales partners.

For more information please go to: 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thirteen Differences Between the New OKI C831-TS and GO UNO

What are the thirteen differences between the New OKI 831-TS CMYK and the GO UNO? Please read below.
  •  Smallest Tabloid Footprint in the World--20% Smaller than UNO
  • Speed Increased to 35 Pages per Minute from 30 Pages per Minute
  •  New Fusing Method Cuts Warm-up Time Over 30% Enabling Quick Start
  • More Robust Fuser for Speed and Consistent Color
  •  New Power Unit Reduces Power Consumption Up to 30%
  • New Dithering Patterns Provide Smoother and More Beautiful Gradations
  • Same Type of LED Array as Used in Much Higher Cost C841
  • Control Panel Far Easier to Use with Help Screens and Numeric Keypad
  • New Toner Feature Allows Reduction of Toner Use for Sample Prints 
  • Easy Access for Black Toner and CMY Toner Replacement
  • Overall Operating Cost Over 15% Less 
  •  Two Year Limited Onsite Warranty from OKI
The GO UNO created a new market space for garment transfer printers. The OKI C831-TS offers even more capabilities, all at a lower price. To see this information in a PDF format, please click here: OKI 13 Differences

Monday, January 26, 2015

Metalnox New Large Format Heat Press Launched--Metalnox PTS 12000 Single

New 39"x58" Semi-automatic Single Shuttle Heat Press Announced

Metalnox has modified its highly successful PTA 12000 by removing one platen thereby reducing the overall footprint needed for the unit’s operation. 

The new PTS 12000 looks very similar to the PTA 12000, but is a semi-automatic heat press with a single 39”x58” platen. Featuring an easy to use pull out platen drawer, the pneumatically controlled system operates automatically and reduces the fatigue to the heat press operator. Priced at $15,995, this unit offers excellent value for those who are space constrained. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New OKI C831-TS LED Transfer Printer Coming Soon

Graphics One and OKI Establish New Standard with C-831-TS LED Transfer Printer

During the 2105 ISS Show in Long Beach, California, Graphics One provided a sneak overview of the exciting new OKI C831-TS from OKI Data.

Developed by OKI Data in conjunction with Graphics One as the replacement for the GO UNO LED Printer, it is expected the new printer will start shipping in early February. Targeted at  the highly successful GO UNO market segment, the C831-TS is the second generation of LED printers developed specifically for the professional transfer market.

 The OKI Data C831-TS second generation LED transfer printer offers excellent cotton garment production and also extends into new transfer capabilities such as polyester, unique substrates including hard surfaces. Other attributes include:

  • Tabloid color specifically for professional transfer applications
  • Compact tabloid-sized footprint 
  • Based on other highly regarded, proven LED printer platforms
  • Prints at up to 35 pages per minute at a price per copy of less than $0.10
  • No maintenance, no printheads, no clogging 
  • Two-year onsite warranty

Added information will be released over the next few days. For added information please click here: OKI C831-TS Info

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

GO to Feature F-24 and F-24XL at PPAi Las Vegas Booth 4561

GO F-24 and F-24XL Small Format UV Flatbed Inkjet Printers Featured 
Las Vegas, Nevada is the site of the PPAi Show from January 13-15, 2015 where Graphics One will feature both the F-24 and F-24XL small format UV inkjet printer duo. 

As we say, GO Wide, GO Fast, GO Deep and now...GO Long. The XLGO's new X-24XL comes standard with a 24-inch by 47-inch table, and of course 8-inch depth, make this unit the leader in printable space. What does this mean for you? It means that many unique objects which were not printable before can now be printed using the XL print engine. Further the XL print engine is scalable up to a full 79-inch length. 

There are a number of firsts with the GO F-24XL UV flatbed printer. Not only is the length impressive, but the manner in which the substrate is handled is unique in that the XL has a conveyor system which is more capable than other methods used by other manufacturers. Additionally, the new liquid cooled dual UV LED lamps enhance the overall imaging and also substantially enhance the life of the lamps. 

For more information regarding the GO F-24 please click: GO F-24 Info