Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thirteen Differences Between the New OKI C831-TS and GO UNO

What are the thirteen differences between the New OKI 831-TS CMYK and the GO UNO? Please read below.
  •  Smallest Tabloid Footprint in the World--20% Smaller than UNO
  • Speed Increased to 35 Pages per Minute from 30 Pages per Minute
  •  New Fusing Method Cuts Warm-up Time Over 30% Enabling Quick Start
  • More Robust Fuser for Speed and Consistent Color
  •  New Power Unit Reduces Power Consumption Up to 30%
  • New Dithering Patterns Provide Smoother and More Beautiful Gradations
  • Same Type of LED Array as Used in Much Higher Cost C841
  • Control Panel Far Easier to Use with Help Screens and Numeric Keypad
  • New Toner Feature Allows Reduction of Toner Use for Sample Prints 
  • Easy Access for Black Toner and CMY Toner Replacement
  • Overall Operating Cost Over 15% Less 
  •  Two Year Limited Onsite Warranty from OKI
The GO UNO created a new market space for garment transfer printers. The OKI C831-TS offers even more capabilities, all at a lower price. To see this information in a PDF format, please click here: OKI 13 Differences

Monday, January 26, 2015

Metalnox New Large Format Heat Press Launched--Metalnox PTS 12000 Single

New 39"x58" Semi-automatic Single Shuttle Heat Press Announced

Metalnox has modified its highly successful PTA 12000 by removing one platen thereby reducing the overall footprint needed for the unit’s operation. 

The new PTS 12000 looks very similar to the PTA 12000, but is a semi-automatic heat press with a single 39”x58” platen. Featuring an easy to use pull out platen drawer, the pneumatically controlled system operates automatically and reduces the fatigue to the heat press operator. Priced at $15,995, this unit offers excellent value for those who are space constrained. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New OKI C831-TS LED Transfer Printer Coming Soon

Graphics One and OKI Establish New Standard with C-831-TS LED Transfer Printer

During the 2105 ISS Show in Long Beach, California, Graphics One provided a sneak overview of the exciting new OKI C831-TS from OKI Data.

Developed by OKI Data in conjunction with Graphics One as the replacement for the GO UNO LED Printer, it is expected the new printer will start shipping in early February. Targeted at  the highly successful GO UNO market segment, the C831-TS is the second generation of LED printers developed specifically for the professional transfer market.

 The OKI Data C831-TS second generation LED transfer printer offers excellent cotton garment production and also extends into new transfer capabilities such as polyester, unique substrates including hard surfaces. Other attributes include:

  • Tabloid color specifically for professional transfer applications
  • Compact tabloid-sized footprint 
  • Based on other highly regarded, proven LED printer platforms
  • Prints at up to 35 pages per minute at a price per copy of less than $0.10
  • No maintenance, no printheads, no clogging 
  • Two-year onsite warranty

Added information will be released over the next few days. For added information please click here: OKI C831-TS Info

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

GO to Feature F-24 and F-24XL at PPAi Las Vegas Booth 4561

GO F-24 and F-24XL Small Format UV Flatbed Inkjet Printers Featured 
Las Vegas, Nevada is the site of the PPAi Show from January 13-15, 2015 where Graphics One will feature both the F-24 and F-24XL small format UV inkjet printer duo. 

As we say, GO Wide, GO Fast, GO Deep and now...GO Long. The XLGO's new X-24XL comes standard with a 24-inch by 47-inch table, and of course 8-inch depth, make this unit the leader in printable space. What does this mean for you? It means that many unique objects which were not printable before can now be printed using the XL print engine. Further the XL print engine is scalable up to a full 79-inch length. 

There are a number of firsts with the GO F-24XL UV flatbed printer. Not only is the length impressive, but the manner in which the substrate is handled is unique in that the XL has a conveyor system which is more capable than other methods used by other manufacturers. Additionally, the new liquid cooled dual UV LED lamps enhance the overall imaging and also substantially enhance the life of the lamps. 

For more information regarding the GO F-24 please click: GO F-24 Info