Friday, May 15, 2015

Graphics One Presents T-shirt Transfers with OKI C831-TS, Forever Laser Transparent Paper and Metalnox EL 600

It really is easy to image a t-shirt in 60 seconds or less using the OKI C831-TS to image to Forever's Laser Transparent paper and then heat pressing the paper to the t-shirt using the Metalnox EL 600 Heat Press. The following YouTube video offers a quick overview.

All one needs to get into the business is the OKI C831-TS LED laser transfer printer, the Metalnox EL 600 heat press and Forever Laser Transparent paper. For added information please go to:

Graphics One to Participate in FESPA Cologne with Launch of RoTx Direct-to-Textile Printers

FESPA Cologne in May 2015 will be the site of the launch of the new RoTx Direct-to-Textile Systems. The product line is focused on "Everything Textile" and is comprised of two printers sized 74-inches and 104-inches with modular fixation and fabric pre-treatment units. The major part of the direct-to-fabric market has been focused on printers at 10-feet and longer, but Graphics One now sees a very good opportunity for 104-inch and 74-inch printing market.