Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mutoh ValueJet 1628WX New Product Overview

Graphics One has been testing the new Mutoh VJ 1628WX dye sub printer and finding its capability for imaging up to 8 colors offers outrageous color. When combined with GO's NeoTack Dye Sub ink there is no doubt this combination of printer and ink is the most amazing in the industry. For added information please check out our overview presentation located at: Mutoh VJ 1628WX Presentation

Additionally for added data, please go to: More Info Mutoh VJ 1628WX Dye Sub Printer

Graphics One Launches Mutoh VJ 1628WX 8 Color Dye Sub Printer--Outrageous Colors

New Mutoh ValueJet 1628WX 4,6,8 Color Dye Sub Printer Tested for Launch

After extensive testing at Graphics One we are pleased to announce the new Mutoh VJ-1628WX is ready to be launched. Using 8 outrageous colors from GO's NeoTack colors, we can confidently say the new 1628WX offers the widest and most amazing dye sub ink color imaging in the business. 

The new VJ1628WX features the latest print head from EPSON for high resolution color pop imaging. With imaging up to 1440 dpi and speeds up to 600 sq ft per hour, this new printer offers great performance at value pricing especially when paired with GO' NeoTack Dye Sub ink.  

With the capability to do either 4,6 or 8 colors, the unit is highly versatile for the most demanding dye sub printing. Why is GO's NeoTack such a great partner for the 1628WX? An overview of NeoTack is as follows:

  • 19 Colors, including three neon colors
  • New high density colors for deeper colors and for imaging on thinner paper
  • Excellent runability and works with all EPSON print heads
  • Great UV stability and light fastness
  • 30-40% greater color gamut due to neons, orange, green, violet, high density colors
  • Degassed foil bags for consistent color and clog free imaging
  • Patented heat activited tack provides sharp edges and reduces the need for more expensive tack paper

Additionally, Graphics One only recommends the number one RIP software for dye sublimation, Wasatch SoftRIP. For more information please go to: More Info Mutoh ValueJet 1628WX Dye Sub Printer

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Metalnox Announces Large Format Heat Press for Both Mutoh RJ-900X and EPSON F6070

New Metalnox PTS 8000 Air Powered 33"x 43" Single Shuttle $11,995

Metalnox has now released their latest new large format heat press, the PTS 8000 Single Shuttle Heat Press. At 33"x 43" the new PTS 8000 Single was developed specifically for the 44-inch dye sub printer market. Both the EPSON F6070 Dye Sub Printer and the Mutoh RJ-900X Printers are the target for this new heat press.

An overview of the new PTS 8000-Single is as follows: 

Air Operated 33” x 43” Large Format Pneumatic Heat Press
•Perfect Size for EPSON SureColor F6070 and Mutoh RJ-900X
•Ergonomic Easy-Glide Shuttle for East of Use
•Adjustable Digital Heat Temperature and Time Control
•Aluminum Milled Uni-platen for Precise Pressure Over Entire Area
•Multi-Spot Temperature Control for Even Heat Distribution
•Eco-Profit Power Reduction for Up to 35% Savings in Power Use
•Manufactured in the Americas

•List Price $11,995

The unit is shipping now. More information can be found at: More Metalnox Info